As, Mayor I’m very proud of the progress we have made over the last four years. When I was first elected Mayor, the GM Plant stood dormant and the City was operating with very little reserves. That has since changed. Today, we stand proud - leading the way and creating new opportunities for the citizens of Doraville and the entire Region. We are expecting the economic impact of upwards of $3 billion dollars over the next decade from the “Assembly” project. I am running for re-election to make sure that this initiative – and other projects essential to the positive growth of Doraville – come into fruition.

- Mayor Donna Pittman



Continue working towards keeping our community beautiful and safe.



Advocate for improving our school system.


Smart Growth

Attract positive economic growth and development - bringing good-paying jobs to our community.


Responsive To You

Remain accessible and accountable to the citizens of Doraville.

A Trusted Leader

  • Implemented a Citywide Capital Improvement Plan, which includes more street paving over the last two years than in the previous decade.
  • Secured $2.5 million in federal grants for the beautification of Doraville.
  • Conducted an independent finance assessment that allowed us to implement new measures to make our City government run more efficiently.
  • Balanced Doraville’s budget while saving the taxpayers money.
  • Continue supporting our public safety officials by providing them the resources to protect our community.
  • Working to improve the conditions of our schools and lobbying for a new High School for Doraville‘s children.
  • Open, honest, and responsive to citizens’ concerns.